Former Rangers chairman Dave King claims that he recieved “five or six” approaches for his Ibrox shares during his time as chairman, including some from the Middle East.

Rangers’ biggest shareholder is currently appealing to supporters to purchase his shares through fans group Club 1872 to ensure that the fans have a voice in the club’s future.

This £13m share purchase will see the Ibrox shareholders purchase his 20% stake in the club with Club 1872 appealing for 20,000 new supporters to fund the buyout.

For King, he sees this as the final piece of his Ibrox “legacy” as he swears “Never Again” to the tumultuous events of 2012 in the Ibrox boardroom.

Speaking to leading Rangers fan media Four Lads Had a Dream, King explains that there has been interest in his shares from money men from across the planet.


However, King has reiterated his motivations for selling to Club 1872 as he looks to recoup money and ensure fan influence at the top table.

“I have probably had about five or six over the years, including while I was chairman,” King told Four Lads Had a Dream.

“People would come from the Middle East and bits and pieces, but nothing that ever resulted in a conversation.

“My view was that I was not there to invest in the club as part of my wealth portfolio.

“It was very much a rescue operation from my point of view, it was not something that I wanted to be doing and I took money I would rather have invested elsewhere to put into the club.

“I am very happy to get my money back, or close to my money back. I am hoping from a Club 1872 point of view that I lose money because I would like them to do this quickly.

“I really genuinely believe it is the right thing for the club and I am willing to be very patient as long as Club 1872 and supporters indicate there is an appetite for them to do this.

“It is one thing for me to want it, I know the Club 1872 executive want it, but we have got to make sure the support want it as well.

“I am sure all owners and clubs get offers from time to time. But, I repeat, I never viewed it as an investment to sell.

“I could do that. If the board are going to issue shares at high levels, I could sit, take the higher level and sell my shares.

“I didn’t get involved in Rangers to make personal wealth out of it. I made my money available to the club at a time of need. I would like to get back as much as I can.

“But it was more about access to my capital and the time and effort I put in personally. None of this was done for profit, that is the further thing from my mind.”

Former Rangers chairman Dave King claims that there was interest in his shares from the Middle East during his time in charge at Ibrox. (Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images)

Please click HERE to listen to the full Four Lads Had a Dream interview as Dave King and Club 1872 detail why they believe this is an opportunity not to be missed by Rangers fans.

King has also been speaking about the Rangers previously had with billionaire Mike Ashley, describing the Sports Direct owner’s behaviour as “disgusting”.

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