Rangers SLO Greg Marshall has demanded an apology from BBC Scotland’s Tom English for disgraceful comments he made in the wake of a shareholder statement.
Club 1872 released a statement addressing and highlighting the many issues with Kilmarnock’s ticketing arrangements in Sunday’s 2-1 win at Rugby Park, including local council warnings and the eyewitness accounts of a crush on entry to the ground.
But Tom English is sceptical (to say the very least) about the nature of the “crush” and made some pretty harrowing and upsetting comments as a result.


Tom English’s original statement sarcastically suggests that Club 1872, or Rangers supporters, are embellishing the information with regards the crush at Kilmarnock.
The Rugby writer then appears to scramble around the statements, claiming that his comments refer to a video which doesn’t show any “trapping or crushing”.
Is this guy being serious? This isn’t just some part-time journalist. This is the chief sports writer for the national broadcaster.
Regardless of whether a solitary video shows crushing or not, it is incredibly insensitive to suggest otherwise when claims such as this have been made.
It is also incredibly hard to imagine Tom English being so insensitive to this issue concerning any other football club.
The fact there’s been such an outrage and he continues to defend the comments is unbelievable.

Rangers fans will be outraged and disgusted by English’s latest comments. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Regardless of your allegiances, when issues such as this arise you always give them the benefit of the doubt. The risks are far too great otherwise.
This is inexcusable stuff from English.
But sadly, it is no more than what Rangers fans have come to expect from certain quarters of the Scottish press.

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