Rangers looking after Rangers with Old Firm ticket allocation
Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Rangers looking after Rangers with Old Firm ticket allocation

Just about everyone in Scottish football has an opinion on the Old Firm ticket allocation debacle.

The party line at Rangers is the undeniable thirst for more season tickets sales. Celtic fans claim it’s because Rangers can’t handle them celebrating in their own back yard.

Many others think it will take away from the magic of the Old Firm.

Even some Rangers fans want it reinstated. Namely because not as many will get twice yearly trips to Parkhead.

The next Old Firm at Ibrox will be packed with Rangers fans and only 800 Celtic fans – a 10th of the normal amount. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Barry Ferguson has had his say. Celtic have had theirs. Namely by shifting questions on their own health and safety issues back at Rangers.

Even Dave King said at today’s AGM that that the club have “no intention” of reversing the decision.

But whilst fans bicker, a lesser talked about reason for the Old Firm ticket allocation situation is staring everyone in the face. In the battle to topple Celtic, this hands Rangers a huge advantage both on and off the pitch.

Anything that can help wrestle the title back off Celtic is a good thing

Having 8000 Celtic fans in the stadium clearly plays into their player’s hands. Knowing that they’re there, cheering them on in their numbers gives their players an advantage.

They did after all have an entire stand. There’s a psychological pre-match game afoot here too.

Stick them in the corner. Have the stadium filled to the brim, lift our players and intimidate the Celtic team.

Rangers are undefeated at Ibrox this season with the ground reclaiming its intimidating atmosphere of old on big nights. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Rangers must do everything in their power to help challenge their Parkhead rivals. Rangers are facing a Celtic team with a significant financial advantage.

By reducing the allocation it hands Rangers an advantage of their own. It’s a decision which, if the Ibrox giants win in December, becomes perfectly justified – for whatever reason the club have chosen to do it.