Fernando Ricken’s tribute to fans is a touching moment for all connected with Rangers.

The former Gers hero, who had a successful period at Ibrox under Alex McLeish, has been suffering from motor neurone disease.

The disease cruelly robbed Ricksen of his ability to speak and communicate effectively with others. It’s led to an emotional and upsetting period for Ricken’s family and all supporters of Rangers.

Fernando Ricksen is a hero of the Rangers supporters (VI Images via Getty Images)

But a terrific breakthrough for the Gers legend has occurred. Ricksen has been speaking through a new voice generator in recent times that allows him to once again communicate with family and friends.

And, in a typical show of selflessness from the former right-back, Ricksen has used his new mechanism to thank all of his fans.

Hello, for the people who don’t know me I am Fernando Ricksen and I suffer from Motor Neurone Disease also known as ALS. Because of this muscle disease I’m unable to speak. I have a new device that speaks for me. At the moment I only have a female voice so bear with me. First I want to thank everyone for the love and support on my birthday. Thank you for the energy.

Ricksen has been suffering from the disease, also known as ALS, since 2013. The Dutchman has shown incredible heart and spirit to continue fighting the illness regardless of the odds.

Supporters will always remember Ricksen for his highly successful spell at the club which lasted for six years. Ricksen made a terrific 238 appearances for the Ibrox club, and netted on 20 occasions.

Ricksen was part of a highly-successful Rangers side (Christopher Lee/Getty Images)

He’s a much adored figure at Ibrox, and quite rightly so being a symbol of success during the early 21st century.

A social media post was also put up by Vincent de Vries, a close friend of Ricksen’s. In that he uses his new voice generator to convey a message to the supporters.

As always, the former right-back will continue fighting just has he always has.

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