“Big mistake” – these Bears in fan media vow amid Twitter storm as fresh accusations emerge
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Rangers fans throw support behind Heart & Hand amid Twitter storm

Rangers fans have thrown their support behind leading fan media Heart & Hand and founder David Edgar after a hatchet job story appeared in the Daily Record.

David Edgar, Cammy Bell and Ian Hogg were singled out by the newspaper for historic tweets of varying severity which have rocked the popular fan media outlet.

Everyone concerned has apologised unreservedly for their conduct with Cammy Bell and Ian Hogg stepping down from their podcasting roles at Heart & Hand.

This is a huge blow for Rangers fans who enjoy the passionate, considerate and generally responsible coverage from these two guys, but David Edgar has vowed to challenge the situation.

Not least because fan media of rival sides have not been held to the same historic standards whilst journalists working at the Daily Record have also had their historic communications scrutinised.

Edgar claims that he has proof of unsavoury communications from journalists at the paper which could potentially have wide-reaching ramifications for the newspaper and its staff.

Whilst we at Rangers News would never condone any kind of sectarian, bigoted or unacceptable conduct online, our stance is unequivocal.

If Rangers, their supporters and their media are going to be held to such a Christ-like standard, then we expect and demand that other clubs, fans and journalists are also.

Just because historic tweets have now appeared in a newspaper article this does not mean they are any more or less serious than those which have not been covered by the newspaper.

The suggestion otherwise erodes the very nature and purpose of the article in the first place, unless the intention was not to highlight this but rather land a dig on Rangers.

We await more evidence of unacceptable conduct online from those transgressing the Gers media outlet and we will do our best to highlight this where we can.

Rangers fans are throwing their support behind Heart & Hand. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

From a personal point of view, Heart & Hand are part of my daily routine and they provide excellent, passionate coverage of the club we all love.

More than this, they are a powerful voice in the face of much unwarranted criticism from those agenda-serving voices in politics and media who line up routinely to kick our club.

They are also a progressive voice on issues such as racism and sectarianism in Scottish football with a diverse crew of men and women.

Rangers fan media is better served with these guys in it whilst in my honest experience, the Daily Record has served little more of a purpose in recent years than to talk down, spin and attack Rangers routinely for reasons too many perhaps to spell out in this article.

It speaks volumes that the Heart & Hand subscriber count has increased by well over 10% since the article was published with fans also increasing the tier of their subscription.

Taking to Twitter, plenty have thrown their support behind the podcast by either changing their profile pictures or sending tweets:



It’s clear that whilst the tweets highlighted are unacceptable for a Rangers media partner, fans and fan media are determindd to highlight double standards and hypocrisy.

Meanwhile, a key Rangers star has been talking about his future at Ibrox amid £15m links out of the club this summer.

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