Rangers fans have put aside high-profile conflict with controversial pundit Chris Sutton to send messages of support to the ex-Celtic player’s daughter.

Sutton finds himself at the centre of an ongoing media battle between the club and established outlets over who can and cannot access the stadium for press coverage.

However, with tension running high and arguments aplenty playing out online, Sutton would interrupt the constant bickering with a picture of his daughter Sophia.

“My little girl Sophia has been through a fair bit recently. She unlike her dad always smiles,” tweeted Sutton.

We’re not entirely sure what’s happen to the wee girl but she’s pictured in a wheel chair and her presence on the ex-footballer’s Twitter page helped bring plenty back down to Earth.

Whether you want to argue till you’re blue in the face about Rangers, the club’s fans or the club’s media policy, some things in life are definitely more important.

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Rangers fans took the opportunity to send their best wishes to Sophia and Chris Sutton as rivalries were put to one side in the heat of the battle:


These are just a drop in the ocean of replies from Rangers and Celtic fans, as well as others from across the footballing community in the UK and beyond.

Everyone at Rangers News wishes Sophia a speedy recovery and the Sutton family all the best.

Nonetheless, problems persist between Rangers and the media and they aren’t likely to go away anytime soon.

But one group of people are certainly beginning to get sick of it as Rangers fans begin to turn off amid all the negativity.

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