Rangers fans raise eyebrow as Glasgow City Council claim clean-up costs
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Rangers fans raise eyebrow as Glasgow City Council claim clean-up costs

Rangers fans have raised an eyebrow over reports which claim the clean-up from fan title celebrations in George Square cost more than midfielder Glen Kamara.

The Gers infamously only paid £50k for Kamara in January 2019 and according to GO Radio, Rangers fans will cost Glasgow City Council north of £58k after descending on George Square.

The Glasgow-based radio station claims that a combination of clean-up and repair costs are set to sting the council but Gers fans have questioned the price.

Gers supporters have been kicked from pillar to post in the aftermath of the celebrations which saw a reported 15k fans travel to Glasgow City Centre mid-pandemic.

Despite leading epidemiologists claiming the event would be “low risk”, the Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council failed in their responsibilities to properly facilitate the celebrations.

A large bulk of that responsibility falls back on the powers that be for putting their head in the sand yet it is only Rangers – amid a concerted political effort – who are being criticised.

Over the piece, supporters engaged in joyous celebrations but alcohol-fuelled violence marred the day and gave an excuse to lambast Rangers to the club’s detractors.

Here’s how the club’s fans reacted to the claims the Rangers trophy party cost such an exorbitant clean-up fee:



There might certainly have been unruly behaviour from a minority of Rangers fans but many feel the support has been unfairly attacked in the aftermath of the Trophy Day.

Misleading claims that the club’s players were singing unacceptable add-ons has also yet to be retracted from influential members of the government.

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