Rangers fans question government response to crowds at Kelvingrove

Rangers fans question government response to crowds at Kelvingrove

Rangers fans have taken some amount of stick regarding gatherings when the side won their legendary 55th title and they’re now asking if other lockdown breaches will get the same attention.

Police have been called to the scene as revellers broke lockdown rules to gather in Kelvingrove Park for St. Patrick’s Day as the sun shone in Glasgow but as of yet, there has been scant condemnation from the same voices who criticised Gers fans.

As soon as Rangers fans began to congregate SNP politicians ramped up a campaign to ask them to go home, Nicola Sturgeon even tweeting supporters.

Not only that, but justice minister Humza Yousaf made incorrect claims regarding UEFA and Glasgow’s status as a host city in the summer’s Euro 2020 tournament being in jeopardy due to the celebrations.

Patrick Harvie then launched an embolism-inducing tirade in parliament where he hissed that Rangers should be effectively shut down [Daily Record].

Since then Rangers fans have been levelled “disgraceful” by the government and Gers supporters subjected to some of the most inane and dehumanising classist commentaries of recent years.

One Daily Record employee even suggested that the support should’ve been blasted with a water cannon filled with “disinfectant” [NTOF].

This is also not a tit-for-tat thing – we’re simply trying to highlight the alarming disparity in coverage some events are given and the language used around them by senior politicians.

Rangers fans have been resoundingly criticised for gathering to celebrate the club’s title win. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

First minister Nicola Sturgeon even suggested Rangers fans – without any basis whatsoever – have been lying to track and trace about attending the celebrations after testing positive for Covid.

This is all before we get into the disgraceful commentary, the needless digs, the attachment to different campaigns to bring the support down.

Or the needless posturing both Rangers and Celtic have been forced to patronise their supporters with ahead of the weekend’s Old Firm as some kind of punitive measure for the celebrations.

Rangers fans have taken to Twitter to ask just exactly why has there been such a campaign against the club this week whilst incidents like this – so far at least – go unchecked:





Rangers supporters are quite rightly being defiant in the face of the coverage which is alarming and unbalanced in the extreme – this is not something they’re going to back down from.

The club’s fans also railed against the earlier comments of Nicola Sturgeon in parliament, but we won’t hold our breath over the same level of condemnation regarding Kelvingrove this week.