Michael Stewart kicked up a stink when he referenced a Lisbon Lions song on Twitter that a minority of Rangers fans have been singing in recent seasons.

There’s no doubt Stewart was selectively choosing this due to his unwavering distaste of Rangers. He couldn’t find anything on the pitch to beat us with after Sunday’s Old Firm, so found something off it.

But it’s also true the song is total garbage. Utter gutter, meathead mince that’s not only offensive but is also mind-shatteringly stupid to boot.

Rangers fans were by and large in brilliant voice during Sunday’s Old Firm win. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

For a club and support which respected the death of Lisbon Lions captain Billy McNeill only a few weeks ago, it might seem strange we’re talking about this. But there’s no doubt the song is more about winding Celtic fans up than anything else.

For myself, this is incredibly simple. The song just makes Rangers fans sound bitter about the Lisbon Lions and all their achievements. It’s obsessive, small-minded and makes us look like jealous idiots.



But moving away from grotesquely revelling in the deaths of the Lisbon Lions, it also not very optimistic about our chances.

The song insinuates an inevitability about Celtic getting 10 in a row, and their most famous ever team dying before it happens.

The defeatist chant claims a minor victory because even if Celtic win 10 in a row, the Lisbon Lions won’t be alive to celebrate it. Aye, ok.

The song is also to the tune of Celtic’s song for old manager Brendan Rodgers. (Photo by Plumb Images/Leicester City via Getty Images)

I cringe with sheer embarrassment every time I hear some boozed-up idiot singing the opening bars. It’s a terrible song – and not just because it’s offensive.

The song gives in to Celtic’s march to 10 in a row. And whilst I don’t want the Lisbon Lions to see 10 in a row either, I’d rather it be because we stopped it.

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