Rangers fans criticise SNP minister for stinging reaction amid 55 fall-out
Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images

Rangers fans criticise SNP minister for stinging reaction amid 55 fall-out

Scottish government and SNP justice minister Humza Yousaf has placed himself on the frontline of a war being waged against Rangers amid questionable videos and claims regarding fan title celebrations.

Gers supporters ignored warnings from the government, the police and the club to gather in their thousands to celebrate the Gers’ 55th title win.

Rangers fans gathered en masse to celebrate 55. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Not only did the Scottish government neglect their responsibility in this regard – despite repeated warnings that it would take place – but they are now on the offensive regarding the Ibrox club.

Like many other social gatherings which are lubricated with excessive intake of alcohol in Scotland, the entire thing ended in tears as fans were forced out of George Square and clashed with police.

There were also videos of fighting amongst supporters whilst there have been claims of sectarian singing but little video evidence of this, stopping short of denying this behaviour took place.

The end scenes can never be condoned, and hooliganism is a smite on football which impacts all clubs on different scales.

This is not a Rangers-centric problem no matter how much some might like to pretend it is. You need only look at the fall-out from similar celebrations across the city.

Rangers fans have been resoundingly criticised by senior SNP politicians. (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

However, Rangers have been kicked from pillar to post in the aftermath of the incident with the upper reaches of the SNP government wading in.

The issue is tarring all fans with the same brush and attempting to attack the club in the process.

Yousaf has been amongst the most vocal and controversially passed judgement on a doctored and completely false video that incorrectly claims Rangers players were singing sectarian add-ons to the song Sweet Caroline.

This orchestrated response – from the justice minister and police no less – alludes to wrongdoing and even demands that the players involved should lose their jobs. It is categorically fake.

Now, the outspoken politician has doubled down on this via Sky Sports and demanded that the Ibrox club permanently ban any supporters who attended the gatherings.


Now ignore the fact that this is a public order issue – the posturing is akin to asking Take That to take responsibility for fans outside Hampden – the situation continues to gripe with Rangers fans.

No matter what the narrative is the overwhelming majority of bluenoses – this one included – celebrated in the manner expected and did not indulge in this thuggish behaviour.

It is reprehensible that an entire group of people – apparently in defence of another – would be apparently so subjugated like this by a leading politician and fans have had their say:








Rangers lifted a legendary 55th title after a decade of waiting after dismantling Aberdeen 4-0 at Ibrox to ensure they went the full 38-game season unbeaten.

The Ibrox side have also now been linked to one of the Dons’ most promising players alongside another club who’ve just earned promotion to the Premier League.