Rangers fans buckled as Celtic hero runs to paper with Ibrox complaints
Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Rangers fans buckled as Celtic hero runs to paper with Ibrox complaints

Celtic hero Scott Brown grabbed headlines this morning amid claims from a leading tabloid newspaper that a Rangers higher-up insulted him during the last Old Firm match.

The Gers had completely demolished the Parkhead side 4-1 to send club captain Brown packing in his last ever Old Firm clash.

A national tabloid has complained about the treatment of Celtic hero Scott Brown by a Rangers higher up. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

The Daily Record have since claimed that Brown was the victim – yes the victim – of some winding up post-match in a quite incredible report which has caught the attention of Rangers fans.

For years Scott Brown has goaded, bullied and kicked his way through Scottish football and we’ve also had to endure endless fawning by the press and protection against his misdemeanours.

As soon as the challenge has increased from Rangers Brown’s billy big balls bottle appears to have crashed and he’s now crying to the press about “wholly inappropriate” conduct.

“It’s deeply regrettable that his final Old Firm match the other weekend ended with a crude and classless farewell from a high ranking Rangers official inside the Ibrox tunnel in the immediate aftermath of a 4-1 thrashing,” writes journalist Keith Jackson [Daily Record].

“That they have chosen not to lodge a complaint suggests that it was all fairly low key, perhaps no more than petty stuff even if the conduct of the senior Ibrox employee – who provocatively goaded Brown as he made his way inside – was regarded as ‘wholly inappropriate behaviour’ by those who witnessed it.

“There’s a golden rule where this kind of thing is concerned. It’s one thing for players and coaching staff to let their passions run high in the heat of the battle and to allow the moment to get the better of their sensibilities but it’s quite another for the men in suits to lower themselves into the guttural bating of the opposition.”

Scott Brown’s entire Celtic career is defined by goading and it’s quite remarkable to hear he can’t take it back. (Photo by Craig Williamson/SNS Group via Getty Images)

The brass neck of it all.

Rangers are not only the Champions but they’re already streets ahead of Celtic and there’s little doubt that this season – and Brown’s performances – have tainted his Parkhead legacy.

Heading to Aberdeen in the summer, Brown is leaving Parkhead in tatters, the club manager-less and in need of a monumental reshuffle.

Brown has lorded it over Rangers for years and the Celtic captain can just take his medicine and if there was any class about him, he’d have swallowed the Ibrox hammering.

Now, Rangers fans have taken to Twitter to criticise the Parkhead skipper as well as the Daily Record article for coming together to pull up the complaints:





Rangers fans have certainly enjoyed the ungracious demise of the Celtic skipper after years of lording it over mediocre Ibrox sides.

On his final visit to Govan as a Celtic player, Brown was laughed off the pitch as one leading Rangers star got the final chuckle.