Rangers fans deserve every credit for the way that they’ve embraced a culture change at the club concerning unacceptable behaviour.

The club’s Everyone, Anyone campaign has been widely encouraged and Rangers supporters have taken heed of UEFA sanctions over the songbook [Rangers].

It’s a hugely encouraging time for the club on and off the field and every single Rangers supporter is responsible for ensuring that this continues.

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Rangers fans are as important as any other facet of the club to its image in European and global football. (Photo by Mark Fletcher/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

And yet, Rangers fans have been reacting with great anger today at a banner some “supporters” brought to Holland for the match with Feyenoord.

Despite repeated calls from the club for unruly supporters to curb their behaviour, particularly in Europe, some fans just do not get it.

It is beginning to really grate on the rest of the Rangers support, who suffer as a result of this absolute idiocy.



There is a vein of thought amongst some fans who believe that their support of Rangers is measured by this ridiculous behaviour.

It is wild hypocrisy, literally going against the pleas of a club they claim to love.

They’re also going against the pleas of a manager who they claim to support, who has put his own reputation on the line to answer questions on this stuff far too often for anyone’s liking.

It appears that for some people getting one up on Celtic, or anything historically attached to Celtic, is more important than preserving the image and future of Rangers.

This kind of thing achieves nothing. It potentially damages the club financially, absolutely does reputationally, and makes us all look like idiots. Each and every one of us.

Whether it’s going into the stadium or not, why even get the thing made in the first place?

Rangers fans have a responsibility to the club when it comes to unacceptable behaviour. (Photo by Octavio Passos/Getty Images)

The majority of Rangers fans on Twitter who’ve discussed the subject have berated the banner and are a credit to the Ibrox club.

If the flag is unfurled at the match with Feyenoord, the club will be sanctioned and the likelihood is one of Rangers’ next European matches at Ibrox will be played behind closed doors.

Is it really worth it for one big, overplayed “get it up ye” to our rivals?

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