A leading Rangers director has floated the idea of the top four clubs in Scotland joining the English League Cup to bring added “colour” to the tournament.

Rangers deputy chairman John Bennett has been out speaking as the club invites supporters to invest as part of a new £6.75m share issue at Ibrox.

But talking to the Price of Football podcast Bennett also took time to discuss the Carabao Cup proposals and claims the Old Firm could be a real attraction to broadcasters.

“I think the Carabao Cup would be very interesting for the Old Firm to be invited to, but also to participate in because I think of the colour, the fans and the excitement it would bring,” said Bennett [Price of Football].

“And I actually think the attraction it would bring to broadcasters.

“I’m not sure it’s limited to the Old Firm.

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“Could it be an invitation that’s extended to, say, the top four clubs in any given season in the Scottish Premiership?

“I think that’s something we should explore, it’s something I’m keen to explore and I think it’s something the English Football League should be keen to explore.

“Forecasting is always a dangerous game but I’ll give you this forecast – we would sell out our away allocation, no problem.”

Glamour ties with an added edge which would capture the imagination of fans

This isn’t the first time a merger between the Scottish and English League Cups has been mooted and not only would it spice up the competition, but it’d give others a greater chance of silverware.

In Scotland, the cups are generally concentrated into the hands of the most successful but if the top four were to leave every season for this tournament, it will give others a clear run at success.

South of the border, the elite English clubs have generally reduced the competition to playing youth players, something which has diluted the competition until the latter stages of it.

As a result, it’s not clear if your Man Cities, your Liverpools or your Manchester Uniteds would take too kindly to increased competition in the tournament and higher pressures to play their top talent.

Rangers Legends vs Liverpool Legends - Legends Match

Could we Stevie G back at Anfield managing Rangers against Liverpool in the Carabao Cup? One Rangers director wants reforms which could allow it to happen. (Photo by Rob Casey/SNS Group via Getty Images)

However, there can be little doubt that north of the border this would capture the imagination of fans and there would be few who would turn down a trip to the Etihad, Anfield or Old Trafford.

Speaking of potential Stevie G reunions at Liverpool, whilst a return to Anfield via the League Cup may one day be possible insiders have been talking down reports of a friendly this summer.

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