The matchday smoking area in the Broomloan Front at Ibrox is to be closed until further notice “due to a number of complaints”, according to the club’s Supporters Liaison Officer Greg Marshall.

The smoking pilot was announced back in December and initially allowed supporters out of the Sandy Jardine stand for a half-time smoke.

Its initial success meant that the pilot was then rolled out to the Copland and Broomloan stands []. But after last night’s match with St. Joseph’s Rangers will be stopping the pilot in the Broomloan Front.

It is not been made exactly clear what the complaints concern but supporters who were in the stadium have been responding to the Rangers SLO.

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Many have criticised the move citing a problem with supporters smoking in the Ibrox toilets at half-time. This is perhaps one of the reasons why the pilot was initially launched.

Whatever the reasons for Rangers closing the pilot in the Broomloan Front, you can bet it’s been done with the best interests of the club and its supporters at heart.


Despite a small backlash from those referring to the smoking in toilets, Rangers fans must understand this.

Rangers as a club will also be disappointed that this section has been pulled from the scheme.

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Whatever the reasons, the scheme offers fans the chance to nip out for a half time cigarette whilst also solving the problem of smoking in toilets.

There is no suggestion this closure will take place at the other stands in the stadium.

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