Rangers boss Gerrard Liverpool dressing down “melted” ex-Celtic striker
Photo by Michael Regan - The FA/The FA via Getty Images

Rangers boss Gerrard Liverpool dressing down “melted” ex-Celtic striker

A former Liverpool teammate of Rangers manager Steven Gerrard has revealed how the now-Ibrox gaffer delivered a legendary dressing room dressing down to ex-Celtic star Craig Bellamy.

All three players played under Kenny Dalglish at Anfield and speaking to Under the Cosh Downing has revealed that Bellamy “melted” when shut down by Steven Gerrard.

This came after outspoken former Newcastle, Man City and Parkhead forward Bellamy had criticised Dalglish for leaving him out of a match.

Gerrard is clearly not a man to be messed with and Downing explains that the normally composed former England and Liverpool captain broke from character to put outspoken Bellamy in his place.

“You listen to things about Bellers [Bellamy] but my brother-in-law knows him quite well and he said to, ‘Bellers is what he is, he’s harmless, he picks on people and that’,” said Downing.

“Class player, I always got on well with him he was great but I always remember one day… when someone gets a dressing down and melts… he melted. And he’d probably tell you.

“He had a go at Kenny [Dalglish] at full-time after a game. He was on the bench and he came on and he was saying, ‘you should have played me from the start cause I’m quick’ and Kenny was like ‘shut your mouth and sit down’.

“Steven Gerrard – I have probably seen him lose his head like twice since I’ve known him – came over and he has given it to Bellers, ‘shut your f***ing mouth’.

“I’ve never seen a man melt like that”

“He gave him a dressing down and he just melted. I’ve never seen a man melt like that.

“You know what Bellers is like, he’s funny but he was stuttering about and I just looked at him like wow.

“Stevie can be intimidating. He’d watch people sort of build up and he had an explosion in him every now and then.

“He had watched Bellers sort of giving young players it over a couple weeks of training, what he does is he stores things and watches and then, boom, gives you a tirade.”

Ex-Celtic striker Craig Bellamy – who at Fir Park on Helicopter Sunday – got a Liverpool dressing down from now Rangers boss Steven Gerrard. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Former Welsh international striker Craig Bellamy spent six months on loan at Celtic in 2005 whilst he spent a season at Liverpool in 2011/12.

Steven Gerrard is a figure synonymous with the Merseyside club and it’s telling that Bellamy didn’t last more than a single season at Anfield.

Now also associated with Rangers, fans will enjoy this story about their manager putting the snarling ex-forward in his place.

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