Rangers are right to complain about blundering Willie Collum
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Rangers are right to complain about blundering Willie Collum

William Collum, mostly known as Willie, has been around Scottish football for 14 years. How it’s taken a club so long to single him out is incredible.

Yep, Rangers have been the ones to release a statement regarding Collum’s refereeing performances. To many it may seem unnecessary. After all, you can’t have a game without the referee and blah, blah, blah.

Let’s not kid ourselves, Collum gets paid handsomely these days. He’s been bumped up to “Elite” status by UEFA this season, and has been refereeing in the Champions League.

According to a report last season by TSM Sports, Elite referees were getting paid between $6k-£8k per match in the Champions League. Figures for this season haven’t been revealed, but they couldn’t be far off that.

Willie Collum speaks to experienced men as if they’re children (Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Bongarts/Getty Images)

To sum up, Collum gets paid plenty for his work as a Scottish referee. The fact he’s an Elite one will more than pay the bills back home. Therefore, it’s about time someone called him up for his own refereeing performances.

Time and again, he’s called into question about his decision-making. This isn’t just for Rangers. This isn’t just for Celtic. It’s everyone – he is a poor referee who continues to cost clubs vital points in Scotland.

He sent off Daniel Candeias for an incident he didn’t even see. He’s been known to give incidents he can’t spot in the past. Going through his repertoire would leave us here all day. Week-after-week, there seems to be yet another Willie blunder in the Scottish Premiership.

Not to mention his demeanour throughout matches are appalling. He talks to grown, experienced footballers like Primary 5 pupils, and just seems to shout his way through a match whenever a player goes to talk to him.

What happens next?

So what happens then after yet another poor weekend from Scotland’s only “Elite” ref? A pat on the back from Head of Refereeing John Fleming and he’s good to go for next week.

Rangers are taking matters into their own hands. They made it quite clear last weekend’s sending off for Candeias was symptomatic of Collum’s decision-making in general. It wasn’t a statement that cried “we’re the victims”, it was a statement bemoaning the performances of Collum.

How anyone can debate 0therwise is incredible. There have been a few who have bemoaned the statement, and said it perhaps lacks class and just calls Collum out.

Daniel Candeias was wrongly sent off last weekend and is suspended for today’s Motherwell clash (Sefa Karacan/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

At this stage though, what else is there to do regarding him? We see him consistently in Scotland as football supporters, and he’s a poor, poor referee.

He may be a gentleman, and he may be a stand-up guy. The fact is, however, that he isn’t great at his job. He gets big decisions wrong and he continues to get away with it.

It’s okay for Candeias to miss a match, his wages will see to that. What if, however, it was a player from a team who relies on appearance fees to put food on the table? That could be several hundred pounds that player would be out of pocket because of Collum.

Yes, the scenario is hypothetical, but it’s logical.

Collum either needs some advanced training or further action needs taken. His performances in recent years have, consistently, been of a poor standard.