Rangers Alfredo Morelos opens up on tragedy which inspires his career
Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Rangers Alfredo Morelos opens up on tragedy which inspires his career

Alfredo Morelos has opened up on the tragedy which continues to inspire his footballing career.
The Colombian striker spoke candidly to the club about his life, his career and his ambitions. Rangers then released a 30-minute feature on the striker detailing Alfredo “in his own words”.
In “Soy Alfredo”, the striker reveals that the tragic death of his sister has been a telling point of his life. And of his determination to succeed in football. To Alfredo, family is everything.

“My family supports me very unconditionally, they always give me that motivation, that love to things better every day,” said Alfredo Morelos.
“The love of my parents, my sisters, it makes me proud to be doing what I’ve been doing so far. I promised my mother, I had a little sister who died, and I promised her too and well, thanks to God I’ve left.
“We’ve gone through to some hurdles, we’ve fallen and thanks to God I’ve been smart and had a positive attitude. I promised it to my mother and thanks to God we’re okay now.”

Morelos did his family and country proud by turning out for Colombia. (Photo by Masterpress/Getty Images)

It’s a humbling watch and shows the centred, focused character of the player. In spite of the hardships and tragedy he and his family have faced the striker continues to strive for a better life. Not just for himself, but for his family too.

Soy Alfredo is a humbling insight into a Rangers icon and the media team deserve credit for the feature.
Alfredo too deserves credit for continuing to make his family and his sister proud.