A leading political commentator has laid bare the hypocrisy of coverage regarding gatherings involving Rangers fans and those involving other groups.

Dan McCroskie works in politics and is regular commentator on a host of BBC shows, as well as a dyed in the wool Rangers fan.

Fans Celebrate As Rangers Crowned Champions

Rangers fan gathering were resoundingly criticised in the aftermath of the club’s title victory but both the government and media are reluctant to criticise Scotland supporters as a leading political commentator has highlighted. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

The commentator earned the applause of Gers fans back in January as he gave the club a shout-out on the Beeb’s Seven Days programme when asked what he could see happening in 2021.

Now, the commentator has stood up for the coverage of Rangers fans when placed against those of the Tartan Army, who have been gathering in huge numbers over the course of Euro 2020.

Despite video evidence of nefarious chanting and the clear abandonment of social distancing protocols, both the government and the media have been reluctant to criticise the Scotland support.

This has had plenty contrasting the coverage with the fall out of both Rangers fans gathering in March when the title was officially won and in May when the club lifted the trophy.

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Rangers fans were lambasted from all angles and heavily criticised for breaching Covid-19 protocols to gather yet Scotland fans haven’t received the same level of scrutiny or criticism.

McCroskie chooses to highlight the coverage of STV News in particular in what he calls a “tale of two headlines”.

Rangers players weren’t even immune to the criticism from the powers that be in Scotland as they leapt onto completely false claims of sectarian singing amongst the first team.

Despite promising an apology, a leading politician has since backtracked as the club’s players become pawns in a political war.

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