Dembele transfer would be psychological boost for Rangers in title race
Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Dembele transfer would be psychological boost for Rangers in title race

Moussa Dembele has been linked with a move to Lyon and there’s been widespread panic amongst Celtic’s support.

The Frenchman has consistently upped his game against Rangers in the past and has often times been the difference maker in Old Firms. He won’t be, it seems, any more.

However, his impact on the pitch isn’t quite as dramatic as the furore around him would suggest. He scored only 8 times last season. He has dodgier hamstrings than half the boys you play fives with. Dembele is posted missing in games all the time.

But they love him.

A psychological dent in rival’s ambitions

With the house of cards showing signs of structural instability at Celtic, this could be the loose hand which topples the entire deck.

Especially if they don’t sign a replacement.

Lyon striker Mariano Diaz’ move to £22m move to Real Madrid prompted the Dembele transfer. (Photo by Gualter Fatia/Getty Images)

Dembele has been consistently overvalued and overstated by the Celtic support. First it was £40m Dembele Dollars, then £30m, then £20m. Now it seems they’ll be settling somewhere around £15m.

Some believe they have a top end player and the reaction around his move is testament to that. It’s a huge boost psychologically. In Celtic minds they’re made considerably weaker by his exit. Fan frustration is at boiling point in the East End.

A Rangers victory on Sunday and it might all be too much for them.

Rangers fans must keep feet on the ground

Our Old Firm rivals have been complacent whilst Rangers have quietly improved. We’re still going through that process and it would be uncouth and reckless to make any bold predictions at this stage.

Rangers rebuilding job has received a boost by Celtic’s blasé attitude to what Gerrard would bring. The Scouser has done great work in the early stages and it could be a very exciting season.

Gerrard has started well and could bring Rangers back into Europe. (photo by Vagelis Georgariou/Action Plus via Getty Images)

Psychologically, Celtic have been dented and were somewhat wounded before this talk of Dembele leaving. If he does it’s another gaping wound.

For Rangers, it’s another massive week for the club, but our feet are firmly on the ground.