MND patient and Rangers fan Andy gets special visit from Nacho Novo
Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

MND patient and Rangers fan Andy gets special visit from Nacho Novo

Ex-Rangers striker Nacho Novo made diehard Rangers fan and Motor Neurone Disease (MND) patient Andy’s day with a surprise visit.

Andy, who suffers from the same illness as ex-Gers players Fernando Ricksen and David Hagen, was clearly delighted Nacho had come to visit.

It’s not the first time Nacho has done this kind of thing either. The wee man is superb ambassador for the club and always has time for Rangers fans.

Just have a watch the video below. Andy and his family look delighted Nacho popped over to visit.

It’s a superb touch from Nacho Novo. Andy is suffering from a debilitating condition and this would’ve been a pretty special day for him.

MND is a disease Rangers fans will be all too familiar with. It is well documented that ex-Rangers hero and captain Fernando Ricksen has the ailment, whilst ex-Gers midfielder David Hagen held a benefits match to help support his care earlier in the year.

Fernando Ricksen also suffers from MND.(Photo by VI Images via Getty Images)

Nacho has done a brilliant thing and I’m sure it’ll stay long in Andy and his family’s memory.

If you would like to read more about Motor Neurone Disease there is plenty of information and support available from the MND Association here.