Kris Boyd might not have all the pace on the field, but he’s certainly got on of the quickest wits around.

Not only did he catch Brendan Rodgers this week, but he’s landed pundit Tam McManus as well.

McManus spoke out after Rodgers said that Boyd should spend more time focusing on getting off the bench than commenting on his team’s affairs. McManus unsurprisingly sided with the Celtic boss.

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Kris Boyd’s been enjoying sticking the boot in as Celtic have started to wobble. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

McManus also claimed in a piece in November that it was disrespectful of Boyd to comment on other teams whilst he was still playing.

The ex-Hibs striker didn’t exactly set the heather alight as a player and Boyd was quick to point it out.

“I’ve scored more in one game than you averaged in a season”

In response Boyd tallied up all of McManus clubs and found out the striker averaged only 4.3 goals a season. Kris Boyd then said he’d scored more than that in one match, twice!



McManus clearly didn’t expect such a response and bit back with comments on Boyd’s scoring record v Celtic.

No matter what he says though, there’s no dispute that Boyd is and was a much better player than Tam.

I’m sure it’s all just a bit of banter anyway. Boyd’s also been offering advice to Rangers.

But it’s great to see a Rangers minded pundit stir the pot as Celtic’s House of Cards starts to wobble. They’ve had a plethora of their own mix it with Rangers for long enough.

Rodgers didn’t exactly take it well.

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