A leading Scottish journalist has branded Rangers “mentally weak” despite the club securing a 55th title, stopping Celtic’s dodgy 10IAR and sitting on the verge of an unbeaten league season.

Writing in the Mail on Sunday [02/05/21, p.145], Gary McKeown takes aim at Steven Gerrard’s side for their drop off in the final part of the season and questioned the club’s mentality.

Not only that, but McKeown talks down the “invincibles” achievement and claims the club’s floundering in the domestic cups and questions over their mentality is a “chink of light” to hold on to.

“Momentous achievement, a feat for the ages, sensational way to return from the abyss and silence the many enemies of a glorious institution. Yadda, yadda, yadda,” writes McKeown, in an excerpt from the column which gives the gist of it.


“Yet the truth is this. There remains a weakness within Rangers under Gerrard, a Jekyll and Hyde element that although under greater control than in his first two campaigns, has really started to manifest itself as of late.

“A return to being the side that can beat Galatasaray and Porto in one instant and yet, pour much of that progress down the drain in another.”

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It’s honestly quite an incredible read and feels designed to either goad Rangers fans or offer hope to Celtic supporters, the established columnist’s yawning opinions sounding more like sour grapes than genuine contrite analysis.

Rangers fans are used to this sort of coverage in Scotland and no matter what these guys say, they told us we’d never catch Celtic.

Now, instead of swallowing it with a bit of dignity, so many of the journalists and writers in this landscape have resorted to cheap digs and even cheaper writing to haul back a semblance of victory after a remarkably ungracious defeat.

Rangers v Hibernian - Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership

Rangers are “mentally weak” despite stopping the unstoppable Celtic in their season of all seasons and to date, doing so unbeaten. What a load of old tosh. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

What a shame that instead of properly realising the depth of Rangers’ achievements this season we’ve got an apparent “feature writer of the year” trying to troll fans to soothe the pain of them.

It’s little wonder Rangers fans fully endorse the club’s stance with vexatious media and unless there’s more balance in coverage, then don’t expect it to change.

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