Is Michael Beale behind Rangers’ resilience with 10 men?
Photo by Nick Taylor/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Is Michael Beale behind Rangers’ resilience with 10 men?

Michael Beale joined Rangers in the summer and those in the know would’ve agreed it was a solid edition by the club. Boasting coaching experience at Chelsea, Liverpool and Sao Paulo, Beale is an experienced head for one so young.

The man also lives and breathes the beautiful game. He has an analytical football brain and is an incredibly useful asset to the Rangers backroom. What’s more, he’s a student of situational tactics.

Michael Beale kept a blog where he displayed tactics and explanations of them. These leaned on teachings in Beale’s book, 60 Training games for Elite Player Development.

Beale was heavily involved in the Liverpool Academy before joining Rangers. (Photo by Nick Taylor/Liverpool FC via Getty Images)

On that blog, Beale released a piece in July 2017 called “Do the maths when defending”. In it he discusses the importance of coaching players on high defensive work ethic, intelligent space management/situational awareness and collective, team-orientated defending. It’s all very interesting.

But at Rangers, we’re seeing Beale’s ideas in action. Calculations by Rangers History found that, even when excluding the Daniel Candeias red card, Rangers have played 236 minutes with 10 men or less.

That’s two and half games. What’s impressive is that Rangers are unbeaten with 10 on the pitch and have a goal difference of +1.

We seen yesterday the value of hard work with ten men. But we also saw players intelligently manage the space in the pitch and restrict a talented Villarreal side to minimal chances. It was a combative, intelligent response to going a man down.

As has been the case any time Rangers have found themselves a man, or even two, down.

Is it the expertise and coaching of Beale that’s making it possible?


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