It was curtains for Rangers European dream on a cold night in Vienna. But the club and fans can take solace in an unexpected Euro run which we took right down to the wire in Austria.

But there’s also something else which the club and fans should be delighted with. The money we earned from the Euro run will help develop the squad and ensure we get there again.

We travelled to Maceonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia (Twice), Spain and Austria on a memorable campaign.

But just how much can Rangers expect to bank from their European adventure?

Rangers Europa League dream came to an end last night against Rapid Vienna. (Photo by Josef Bollwein/SEPA.Media /Getty Images)

Approx. £4,600,000 from qualification

Ok, so there’s a set amount for each round should teams navigate, but that’s not including gate receipts from the qualifiers.

Participation in the first qualifying round nets you €215,000 (approx. £190k). The second €225k (approx. £200k). The third €235k (approx. £210k).

Working on the basis that tickets for home ties work out around £20 on average and there’s 50,000 seats, Rangers make £1million per game. That’s £4m for the four.

That’s approx. £4.6m from the early stages of the Euro run.

Allan McGregor’s penalty save was one of the highlights of qualification. (Photo by MB Media/Getty Images)

Approx. £7,735,000 million from groups

For qualifying Rangers received a group stage fee of £2.6mn.

Assuming ticket prices rise on average to £30 during the groups stages, Rangers would stand to make £1,5m per home match. That’s £4.5mn in total.

Rangers also won once (£320k) and drew three times (£105 x 3 = £315k) giving us performance bonuses of £635k.

That’s a total of £7.735m.

That means in total Rangers earned an estimated £12.335m from qualification bonuses and gate receipts **

**Please note, UEFA reward amounts are up-to-date as of this official page but ticket revenue is estimated. We’ve also excluded any discussion on TV deals, or the “market pool share” which varies team by team on terms of country by country deals and proportional share.

These are approximations and any final totals are in no way definite but are intended to give a ball park idea of the financial implications of reaching the Europa League group stage. This also doesn’t included any taxation liabilities and is in no way officially representative of the total amount. Amounts are also converted into Pounds Sterling from Euros.

You can see an earlier estimation from the qualification stage here.


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