The Rangers manager has done many successful things so far, but Steven Gerrard’s best decision yet has been to say nothing.

Gerrard has been widely praised for a terrific start to the season. This has involved three rounds of Europa League progression, as well as a total overhaul of the squad. 

It seems as though the manager has been able to get every signing he’s went for. It also seems that he’s managed to win every game he’s had to as well.

No bold predictions

Gerrard has refused to get carried away (Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

However, despite all these tactical victories, Gerrard’s best decision has been to keep predictions quiet.

It’s an old cliche, but silence is golden. The Rangers manager said as soon as he walked in the door that he wasn’t making any rash decisions what they would achieve this season. This has allowed them to slowly go about their business and focus on getting results.

The same couldn’t be said for the likes of Pedro Caixinha. The Portuguese claimed his Rangers team were the best in the league. He also believed that Ross McCrorie would be one of the best centre-backs in Scotland’s history. He’s now a defensive-midfielder.

The fact is the former Rangers manager consistently came out and spoke about how great things were at the club. He consistently spoke about what they were going to do without ever actually doing it. This, in turn, led to Rangers fans being regularly embarrassed by other supporters for their manager’s wild predictions.

However, Pedro’x crystal ball has been replaced with Gerrard’s poker face.

The new man is refusing to divulge in grandeur and bravado. This is something that in the past has worked well for the Light Blues.

Murty Mania

Graeme Murty refused to get carried away at Celtic Park (Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

When Graeme Murty twice took charge at Celtic Park, he spoke of how daunting the task was. He managed to take the pressure of his side by speaking highly of the opposition. Subsequently, he then went on to secure credible draws in both of those matches.

In the end it didn’t work out for Murty, but his approach to both games was wise.

Gerrard is taking that same approach in terms of keeping feet on the ground. He realises where the club has been and doesn’t want anyone getting ahead of themselves.

Doing this has immediately seen an increase in both the quality of football being produced and the confidence in his players.

It remains to be seen whether this is something that can be kept up if results continue to improve. Sooner rather than later he’ll have to talk about a title-challenge if results are right, for example.

However, for now, Gerrard’s best off-field tactic has been to simply say not very much.

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