Hearts have revealed the reasons why the SPFL halted Rangers’ Members Resolution going to members vote in an explosive statement on the SPFL.

The Tynecastle club has come out firing, questioning the SPFL for potentially trying to “unduly influence” the vote on league-ending proposals.

With Hearts standing to lose £2.5m-£3m if they’re relegated, Ann Budge wanted more time to be given to teams to assess the situation following the football shutdown.

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Rangers’ Members Resolution was aimed at being a constructive way to buy time for clubs whilst also paying out a proportion of prize money for anyone struggling.

Hearts have claimed that the SPFL knocked this back due to a technical wording issue and failed to inform clubs in favour of the Resolution quickly enough of the body’s position on it.

“Rangers submitted their paperwork to the SPFL on Thursday 9th April and were advised that the Resolution required the support of 2 further clubs, before it could be considered,” said Hearts chair Ann Budge [Hearts].

“We had already publicly stated that we supported Rangers in this matter and duly, at 3.47pm, submitted an identical Resolution to the SPFL, receipt of which was promptly acknowledged at 3.50pm.

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“We did not receive any subsequent correspondence on this matter until 11.57am on Friday 10th April, when we received an email from the SPFL notifying us that the Resolution was not competent.

“Our in-house lawyer contacted the SPFL to understand in what manner the Resolution was not competent, to be informed that the issue was the use of the single word “instructed” as opposed to “requested” (That the Board of the Company be authorised and instructed as follows:).

“I am not a lawyer but find it quite incomprehensible that this should hold up the whole process.

“My observations are that if the SPFL genuinely wanted to work with member clubs to find a solution to the matter of releasing funds they could and should have reverted both more timeously and more helpfully.

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“I have also been advised, from various reliable sources, that on a video call with the Championship clubs at approximately 4.30pm on Thursday, it was stated that the Rangers’ Resolution was incompetent.

“I would stress that I was not personally on that call. However, assuming, as I do, that this remark was made, I have to wonder why we were not so advised until lunchtime the following day. Once again, I strongly question the process.”

Rangers have suggested that the SPFL are misleading clubs over the proposals after suggesting the only way to access much-needed prize money was to cancel the season.

Rangers claim financially hard-up clubs can apply for loans from the SPFL at any time and have had this confirmed with the game’s professional body [Rangers].

By doing this it would’ve removed the financial carrot which was being used to coerce people into voting in favour of the proposals.

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The situation remains up in the air with Dundee yet to lodge a vote despite the SPFL acknowledging the Dens Park club did send one but cancelled it before it arrived in the SPFL’s inbox.

As a result of the shambles, Rangers are calling for an investigation and the suspension of chief exec Neil Doncaster and legal advisor Rod McKenzie [Rangers].

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