Grovelling BBC Scotland pundit goes into online meltdown after issuing Rangers apology
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Grovelling pundit goes into online meltdown after Rangers apology

Grovelling pundit Michael Stewart has gone into something of an online meltdown as he takes indirect potshots at Rangers just hours after issuing an apology to ex-PR chief Jim Traynor and the club.

BBC Scotland pundit Stewart was clearly advised to issue a public apology to both the Ibrox side and former PR chief Jim Traynor for unfair, untrue and ultimately influential comments regarding the former journalist’s practices.

These brought into question the integrity of Traynor – with the ex-Rangers chief even being attacked around about the time of the comments – and Rangers’ practices were also criticised as a result.

The remarks were made on a BBC Scotland radio show in February 2020 and came after a controversial Sky Sports interview with Alfredo Morelos.

“I would like to apologise to Jim Traynor for comments about him on the BBC Sportsound programme on Monday 3 February 2020 and any distress caused to him and his family,” said Stewart [Twitter].

“On the programme, I referred Jim as a dangerous character, a bully and someone who tries to create division for personal gain.

“I had no justification for those remarks and I withdraw them unreservedly.

“I realise that my remarks and the subsequent social media storm caused Jim and his family a lot of upset which I sincerely regret.

“I am also conscious that my remarks have caused embarrassment to Rangers Football Club and I would like to apologise to them too.”

Michael Stewart follows up Rangers apology with transparent pot-shots

Given Stewart’s consistent nonsense surrounding Rangers, where his opinion always seems to be more contorted, delusional and negative surrounding the Ibrox side, we suspect this was given through gritted teeth.

But whilst we’re also not the only ones, you only have to take a look at this strange guy’s Twitter account ever since he gave the apology.

Here he is seeming to take an indirect pot shot at Rangers by claiming Bury fans have bought their side out of admin so therefore have retained their history.

It doesn’t take Columbo to work out this is a thinly veiled jibe at Rangers and their fans post-2012.

Here he is also responding to Conservative MP Murdo Fraser regarding comments about Rangers needing Champions League money from ex-Malmo boss Jon Dahl Tomasson.

The clip became an online meme once again designed to – you guessed it – wind up Rangers fans from slavering Sevcoist rivals.

“Much needed UEFA Champions League money”.

All of this is strewn between tweets that encourage his followers to have a wonderful bank holiday in some kind of strange insistence that he certainly was.

It didn’t look like it mate; is everything ok?

At what point does Michael Stewart just give up the ghost; the reason behind his constant moaning and overstated, boring opinions on Rangers are so transparently obvious to anyone with a brain cell.

This is news – so we’re covering it – but let’s be clear here; the whole Jim Traynor thing is a hole of this guy’s own digging and he’s admitted that himself.

Why he would then, his ego bruised from the entire debacle, go back in to bait Rangers and their fans immediately afterwards is just pedantic, childish and – in my opinion – quite sad really.

17 Apr 2002: Michael Stewart of Scotland in action during the Scotland v Nigeria International Challenge match at Pittodrie Stadium in Aberdeen, Scotland. DIGITAL IMAGE. Mandatory Credit: Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Michael mate, if you’re reading this, do yourself a favour; focus on something else other than Rangers because not only are you getting yourself into trouble, but you’re boring us all in the process.

Scottish football deserves better than this nonsense and if you really care about the game, focus on providing balanced football coverage instead of whatever this constant Rangers-baiting rubbish is.

Meanwhile, tributes continue to flood in for legendary Ibrox kitman Jimmy Bell.

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