George Peat drops big hint as to who anti-Rangers chairman was - Report
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George Peat: Everyone knows who the anti-Rangers chairman is - Report

George Peat’s comments on the anti-Rangers chairman certainly got people talking, and today he’s dropped another bombshell.

The former SFA head spoke in the Daily Record today about comments he made to the BBC a couple of days ago. Peat stated that, during Rangers’ UEFA Cup run of 2008, a club chairman called him and told him not to help them out with their schedule.

Former SFA President George Peat (right) claimed a chairman called him up  (Derek Blair/AFP/Getty Images)

It was a comment that shocked Rangers supporters and most of Scottish football. It’s also got people talking as to who the culprit was that phoned up Peat.

Peat, however, believes people will have already worked it out – dropping a massive hint as to who it was.

“I would have thought people would have guessed by now anyway. I recalled being really disappointed with the attitude of that one chairman. He was out of order – and it was just so out of the blue.

“I was dismayed the request had even been made. At the time I was so shocked I just let it go. I didn’t pursue it or even discuss it with the SFA board.

“It remains the most outrageous I received. All we were trying to do was help a member club out of a fixture pile up when they were representing the country.”

Guess who?

If fans haven’t already been trying to guess who it was, they’ll certainly be forming their own opinions about it now.

It would be ideal if Peat would explain to the supporters of Scottish football who the man was. Instead, these cryptic soundbites are just stirring the pot. Fans want the answers, and whilst Peat gave them a big hint here, he has nothing to lose by giving a name.

Rangers challenged Celtic for the title in the 2008 season (Graham Stuart/AFP/Getty Images)

Rangers, in that season, were only in direct competition with Celtic. Gordon Strachan’s side pipped the Gers to the title on the final day of the 2008 season. Whether Peat was hinting that it was Celtic’s chairman who made the call or not, people will make their own minds up.

It’s unfair of anyone to accuse someone who hasn’t been proven guilty, however. Peat has opened up a can of worms with his comments. At the very least he could state who it was that called him up.

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