Fernando Ricksen’s health was a big concern on Saturday night as the Rangers hero was rushed to hospital. Thankfully, however, it appears his chest pains have healed up.

According to the Scottish Sun, Ricksen was rushed to hospital on Saturday after feeling unwell at a fans’ gathering. It was initially feared that the Dutchman had a potentially dangerous lung infection. But instead it’s believed that Ricksen was just suffering from exhaustion.

Fernando Ricksen remains in good spirits despite his disease (VI Images via Getty Images)

His biographer, Vincent De Vries, claims the former Gers star was simply knackered from the flight over from Spain. Ricksen of course suffers from Motor Neurone Disease, but doesn’t let that stop him from his social activities.

Ricksen was kept in hospital last night as a precaution. Thankfully, as it stands, there is no immediate concern.

De Vries touched on the issue whilst speaking to the Sun.

Chest pains at the meet and greet

“At the meet and greet he said he had pains in his chest and wanted to leave. He was brought into hospital as they feared he had a lung infection.

“It was very painful for him because he couldn’t breathe properly. He was scared he might have a lung infection. They can be really bad if you have MND. Thankfully it seems to be a false alarm.

“It’s a very early flight from Valencia. He was having trouble with his throat — it was full of phlegm. They gave him antibiotics. He’s still in hospital right now to make him strong before flying home. Everything is fine again. Hopefully he’ll go back to Spain in a few days.”

Ricksen remains a huge idol for Rangers fans (VI Images via Getty Images)

As always, Ricksen continues to fight on with such an admirable level of strength. Supporters have consistently rallied round their former hero since hearing that he had the disease several years ago.

In recent times, Ricksen has been given a new voice-boss to help communicate after losing his voice. The Rangers hero, however, continues to be high in spirit as he continues to show such a high level of strength and character.

As always, we wish Fernando all the best in his continuing battle with MND. We can all be thankful his latest scare now seems nothing more than a precaution.

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