Rangers v Motherwell is always a physical tie, but it’s set to be even more scrutinised than usual after today. Motherwell captain Peter Hartley has spoke saying “no respect” will be shown when Rangers cross the white line on Sunday.

But he’s crossed a line himself with his latest comments.

The Motherwell captain has admitted he enjoyed it when Ryan Bowman broke Fabio Cardoso’s nose in an aerial duel last season.

Pedro Caixinha kicks a bottle away in frustration in the league cup semi where Cardoso had his nose broken by Bowman. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Malicious and unnecessary comments

Hartley said:

“When we cross the white line on Sunday there won’t be much respect shown to be honest.

I think Bowman broke a boy’s nose didn’t? So that was fun to watch him weeping.”

The malicious comments come after last season’s Betfred Cup Semi-Final in which Motherwell were pretty brutal on the pitch.

Ryan Bowman led with an elbow and smashed Fabio Cardoso’s nose, leading to a pretty nasty break.

The fact an opposition captain is revelling in this is pretty shocking and has been widely condemned by Rangers fans on Social media.




The pressure on Sunday’s game has been ramped up

It turns up the pressure on Sunday’s Rangers v Motherwell game at Fir Park. By the sounds of things, expect Hartley an co. to throw the toys out the pram if things don’t go their way.

There are also two massive games coming up after the tie in Ufa away and Celtic the following weekend. Rangers will be hoping to come through the game unscathed. Going by Hartley’s comments, they’ll be doing everything to make sure that doesn’t happen.

The comments also play into Rangers hands a little bit. The referee will now be fully aware of these underhand tactics on Sunday and the press will be following any flashpoints with more scrutiny.

Motherwell’s game plan might’ve just unraveled before their eyes.

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