Fans rage as Alfredo Morelos gets stick from leading columnist
Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Fans rage as Alfredo Morelos gets stick from leading columnist

Rangers fans kind of pride themselves on not caring about what people have to say. We’re pretty sure Alfredo Morelos is the same.

But after his top showing last night – which included two goals and winning a penalty – a leading columnist still decided to berate his performance.

Bill Leckie said Alfredo Morelos did “virtually nothing” in the second half up until the goal saying the striker “bumbles and stumbles”.

It didn’t go down too well with Rangers fans.

I don’t imagine Scott Arfield much agrees with Leckie going by this picture. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Leckie comes in for criticism

Many fans have saw this as attention grabbing and overly harsh. While there were times Alfredo drifted in and out of the game, by and large his performance was superb.

He had a lonely task up front in the first half with not much support, and at times made the wrong decision with the ball. But he scored two goals and won a penalty.

Alfredo Morelos essentially won the game for Rangers.

Arguably the worst of that article is that he suggests Rangers fans call Morelos “Alfie Mo”. No one calls Morelos “Alfie Mo”.

What’s my view?

Leckie is at it. It feels like he’s clutching at straws and knows fine well.

Controversy gets clicks and Leckie is obviously desperate for them.

Morelos did drift in and out of the game at times but he stretched Vienna’s backline, ran his socks off when he had to and is the major reason Rangers won the game.

To suggest otherwise suggests Leckie is just fishing for bites.

Alfredo Morelos also won the penalty to make it 2-1. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

There’s a desperation in the Scottish press to downplay the Colombian and heavily criticise him. He’s moody, temperamental, lazy, a rubbish finisher.What a load of absolute mince.

It’s crazy how eager some people are for him to fail. He’s a young man plying his trade in a foreign country, why be so harsh?

We have an immensely talented player in our midst and you have to feel if he was wearing a different colour, the attitude might be a little different.

As for scoring against them, there’s still plenty of Old Firm matches to be played this season. Even if he does, he’ll still come in for criticism from some areas of the press.

Even though he’s just scored a double in Rangers biggest European match for close to a decade.