Ex-Rangers star makes landscape altering financial predicition about Scottish football
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Ex-Rangers star make worrying financial prediction about Scottish football

Former Rangers star and SFA chief executive Gordon Smith has shared his worrying fears that half of all SPFL club will go bust.

The ex-Ibrox striker and Hampden supremo was speaking as the domestic league shutdown forces club competitions into postponement for the foreseeable future.

Euro 2020 has also been rearranged for next summer as football clubs across Scotland and Europe announce measures to stave off financial troubles caused by the shutdown.

Ex-Rangers star Smith (L) made some worrying claims about the future of Scottish football. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)


Smith, who worked closely with clubs across the country in his role at the SFA, believes the financial ramifications of months without football could have a devastating impact on the nation’s clubs.

“I think there is a fear we could lose half of our clubs,” said Smith [Scottish Sun].

“That’s the scary prospect if this situation extends for a lengthy period. If there is no football for the next five or six months, then the clubs will clearly suffer.

“Scotland is arguably the most dependent country in Europe for gate income. The TV deals are not anything like they are across Europe and every club is feeling the pinch.

“Drastic measures are already being introduced and there is a real worry we will not have enough teams to fill the leagues next season, whether that is a new set-up or in the current format.”

Smith has also called for UEFA to intervene in order to salvage the future of Scottish clubs with the ex-Hampden chief sure clubs will go to the wall without intervention.

“If this situation continues we will have less time to play games and fewer teams,” said Smith.

“Scottish football needs help as the current crisis has ramifications far beyond our national sport.

Gordon Smith (L) worries about the financial future of half of Scotland’s clubs. (Photo by Roddy Scott/Getty Images)

“Football is part of the fabric of society in Scotland. The government and Uefa and Fifa should be helping out.

“I don’t think we are talking about the astronomical sums being mentioned down south.

“But money should be made available.”

Rangers have revealed that they are no different from any other club in Scotland or Europe in that they too are feeling the pinch amid the league shutdown [Glasgow Times].

Outgoing Rangers chairman Dave King revealed the club are no different to any other side in European football amid the shutdown. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

But despite numerous invasive reports speculating on the future of the Ibrox club influencers have moved quickly to play down the “relentless” financial speculation surrounding Rangers.

Club insider Four Lads Had a Dream has even pleaded with supporters to “ignore the narrative” [Four Lads] being set around Rangers’ financial situation.

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