Rangers fans group Club 1872 has demanded the SFA “publicly clarify” which Board Members opposed Paul Gascoigne’s Hall of Fame dinner.

They also said the decision “once again highlights the incredible hypocrisy of Scottish football’s governing bodies.”

Recovering alcoholic Gascoigne has b. Mandatory Credit: Ben Radford/Allsport

The Rangers fan group also asked if the same moral test will be applied to Scottish Hall of Famers past, present and future. Club 1872 asked if the SFA will be “assessing the moral fibre of all past and future entries using this test”.

They added that if this was about purely a footballing contribution then “there is no question that Paul Gascoigne should be honoured”. They continued “if not, then many more than him will need to be stripped of this accolade or be deemed ineligible for induction.”

As well as that, they took a dig at the continuing appointment of Malky Mackay, calling it hypocritical. “SFA board members indicated no concern whatsoever when this individual took a prominent role in promoting and running their organisation”.

Before finally rounding on the fact they’ve discriminated against the man based on his mental health. Club 1872 said, “we are also extremely concerned by the attempt to blame Paul’s health for the reversal of the nomination. On the back of Mental Health Awareness Day, this reference is not only offensive but irresponsible.”

They then wished Paul all the best and offered him their continuing support.

It’s fair to say the Rangers shareholders are raging. But aren’t we all? Players who played with him and against him certainly are.


Read the full statement on the Club 1872 site here.

Club 1872 called out the controversial appointment of Malky Mackay by the SFA. (Photo by VI Images via Getty Images)

Statement is fair and goes for gutless SFA

Club 1872 also say that it is beyond doubt that Paul Gascoigne’s contribution to the Scottish game should be honoured. They’re right. He brought the footballing world’s eyes to the country.

It’s unbelievable anyone would suggest otherwise. Their statement is frank and honest, and if the Board Members who opposed the move are so sure it’s for the right reasons, they’ll come forward.

They have to. This isn’t about pelting eggs off people’s windows, it’s about justification and transparency. They’ve went for Gascoigne and Rangers here, dragging a prominent figure with well documented mental health issues through the mud with it.

Well done Club 1872. You’ve represented the views of most supporters.

Will the SFA respond?

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