Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something else comes along and surprises you. History seems to have taught us there’s no lengths a hurting Celtic fan won’t go to convince everyone that Rangers are cheating their way to the top.

The latest hairbrained scheme from the Celtic faithful will have Rangers fans gutting themselves.

A caller to popular football switchboard Clyde Superscoreboard has sensationally claimed he emailed FIFA to complain about a pro-Rangers refereeing conspiracy at the beginning of the season.

He was audibly upset that Rangers are top of the league.

Listen to the excerpt below:

Are Celtic fans starting to feel the pressure?

Chris from Stevenson has gone full Sevco here. He also needs to calm down.

More than just contact FIFA because Celtic aren’t getting the decisions he wants, he’s also claiming there is a full blown refereeing conspiracy to ensure Rangers win the league.

“I said to my wife at the beginning of the season when Gerrard came to Glasgow that everything would be done to give Rangers a helping hand here,” he said. “What we’re seeing on a weekly basis now is some unhealthy bias towards Rangers shown by the Scottish Officials.”

Steven Gerrard has guided Rangers to first and Celtic fans don’t like it. (Photo by Steve Bardens – UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images)

The fact that Rangers sit bottom of the FairPlay league or are currently embroiled in an off-field drama with the SFA seemed lost on him.

Most football fans aren’t so deluded. But Chris’ outburst looks to be evidence of simmering discontent amongst the natives of Glasgow’s Eastend.

Whilst many are laughing off the potential of a Rangers challenge, they might not be smiling for much longer.

Victory on the 29th could send their entire support into complete meltdown.

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