Rangers have sensationally had tickets handed back to them for the Betfred Cup semi final after Aberdeen sold less than half of their share.

They only got the additional allocation after complaining about the original amount received. They had 16,800, were then given 20,300 but have only sold just over 9000. It’s pretty embarrassing given the club made a huge song and dance about it little over a week ago.

Not that Rangers fans will be complaining. It means that season ticket holders will get their chance to cheer on their heroes at Hampden next Sunday.

Aberdeen on the other hand have come out of this looking pretty petty indeed. Even if they will have access to more tickets if they can “demonstrate additional demand”. It’s highly unlikely they will.

McInnes has issued a come-and-buy-the-tickets plea to Aberdeen fans. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Selfish move by Aberdeen which impacts all clubs

It was petty to begin with. Now it looks borderline bitter. You can’t blame them for wanting an increased and even allocation, but could they even guarantee the sales to begin with? The match is on a Sunday at 4:30pm, it’s a long way to travel. The usual. Not that it would ever matter to Rangers fans. Lets be honest here.

Never have a round of SPFL Cup semi finals been shrouded in so much off-field controversy. It’s not even the final yet. All four teams haven’t had any idea what’s going on for weeks.

It’s insane that Aberdeen have had to send out a plea to supporters to come watch them. They released a pretty desperate come-and-buy-me plea to fans this morning. McInnes, who thankfully declined the Rangers job, may as well have been running around Union Street selling tickets out of a Reliant Robin.

It’s laughable.

Not only that, but poor ticket sales impact on the amount of money all four of the semi-finalists receive. It was a needless and thankless move by the club.

There are plenty of Rangers fans who’d bite the hand off the club for a ticket. And plenty who’ll be travelling from further afield than Aberdeen to use one. Yes, it may sound angry, but paying supporters have the right to be.

Well done to the SPFL for seeing sense. Money talks, sheep***t walks.

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