Counterproductive fan move playing into rival hands; some fans an embarrassment: view
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Time for Rangers fans to wise up as protests play into Celtic hands

As Rangers eked out a 2-1 victory over Dundee at Dens Park to keep their title defence alive, the match was interrupted by a series of protests from the travelling Ibrox support.

No fewer than three times did fans throw a mixture of streamers, toilet roll and tennis balls onto the pitch as they continued to show their displeasure at the proposed friendly with Celtic in Australia.

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Rangers have come out of the decision to play their Old Firm rivals in the Sydney Super Cup looking very badly, with questions over the timing of the Celtic release and our rivals branding the event “Ange’s homecoming”.

It is unacceptable – regardless of the finances involved – for Rangers to be a footnote in Celtic’s trip in the club’s 150th anniversary year and for the board to allow the club to be used to deflect from other, more troubling news across the city.

Not to mention the fact the two sides are anything but friendly.

The friendly was and remains a mistake and the Board owe it to the Rangers supporters to find a way to pull out of it, protests or otherwise.

But what the fans must learn is that at a time when the Rangers players need our support, these protests are disruptive and counterintuitive.

Rangers fans playing into rival hands with protests

At a time when we’re fighting on three fronts, how this can be seen as anything but a distraction is bonkers and it plays directly into our rival’s hands.

The point has been made and this next fortnight must see the Ibrox directorate reverse the decision with reports already emerging that the fixture is in “serious doubt”.

But if things continue to boil away in the background from the first whistle after the international break fans must shift the focus back onto the task at hand or risk interrupting the rhythm of the team.

This was obvious as Giovanni van Bronckhorst shook his head during the protests and Allan McGregor was caught giving his thoughts exactly on the entire thing.

Also, those using the Old Firm in Oz as an excuse to reintroduce unacceptable and offensive singing are an embarrassment and the notion is as transparent as it is imbecilic.

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Why some are desperate to be pathetically opportunistic is depressing and if you’re indulging in this, at least have the backbone to admit that it has nothing to do with the friendly.

Moving on the Board need to find a way to exit this sorry state of affairs in Australia but Rangers fans need to leave the protests at the door and support the team on the pitch.

Because whilst the support must make its voice heard on the Celtic friendly, is it worth aiding their cause this season with infighting, unacceptable behaviour and interrupting our team?

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