Patronising UEFA latest a disgrace as suit and ties bury their head in the sand: view
Photo by Kristian Skeie - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images

Patronising UEFA latest sets Rangers and Frankfurt up for fail

As thousands of Rangers fans conclude their travel plans for the Europa League Final, UEFA have conveniently taken the time to warn those without tickets off travelling.

Thousands have already spent thousands organising the trip and as the match edges closer next Thursday the organisation of the Europa League Final is threatening to be shown up as shambolic.

Photo by Kristian Skeie – UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images

Of course, amid pre-match and travel nerves there is a tendency for these situations to be blown out of proportion but there’s a reason why so many are asking for more from the governing body, from Rangers and from the city of Seville.

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Seville’s mayor insists the town – with a population of 700k – will be ready for the mass migration of German and Scottish football fans to the town next week.

By anyone’s calculation, there is expected to be at least an influx of 100k people between the two clubs and accommodation, bars, restaurants who stand to make a fortune will have their hands full.

But despite this – and the obvious and clear notion that thousands will travel without tickets given each side was only given close to 10k in the 40k seater Roman Sánchez Pizjuán – UEFA are already burying their head in the sand.

Their jobs is simply to host the final, everything that comes with it is not this arrogant institution’s problem.

UEFA letting Rangers and Frankfurt down with patronising Europa League Final approach

There are murmurs of fan zones in Seville – unofficially announced through a local DJ – but so far there is a distinct lack of clarity over what is actually happening in the city next week.

Fans need spaces to congregate, supporters will need to be segregated at points, Seville is about to swell monumentally in size.

If UEFA genuinely believe that releasing a poorly worded statement urging fans not to travel will absolve them of responsibility then we really need to start talking about those running the game in Europe, as if we haven’t been doing so enough already.

Not only did they pick a small stadium in the scale of European arenas – perhaps in homage to Seville’s six Europa League wins – but they’ve also given half the tickets away to corporate guests.

There is a classist, patronising and soullessness about how UEFA – European football’s governing body – are handling the entire thing.

Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images

Rangers are stand off-ish, as evidence by Stewart Robertson’s pre-Final presser, but the game is surely gone if supporters cannot join in and celebrate, or commiserate, together.

That said, the club have just announced that an update will be given in the next 24 hours.

Let’s hope that in the coming days all the stakeholders come together to find a way to suitably integrate and pacify what is going to be tens of thousands of expectant fans.

Because whether UEFA like it or not, Rangers, and Frankfurt, are coming, and Seville might not be big enough.

Meanwhile, a Rangers centre-half has dropped a major hint regarding a potential new contract as his deal prepares to expire in the summer.

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