A clip has emerged online showing another side to Rangers manager Walter Smith as he’s videoed singing a rendition of a famous Beatles song.

Taking to the stage with a live band, Smith lets down his hair and sings I Saw Her Standing There by the Beatles in a warm and positive rendition of the song.

A passionate music lover, this fun-loving clip will come as no surprise to those who knew Smith, who sadly passed away this week at the age of 73.

According to those who knew him, the legendary former Rangers manager was a perfect blend of serious and fun whenever he needed to be.

Smith’s famous stare and often stern exterior was juxtaposed with a sharp wit and passion for life and this little clip gives a small insight into the relaxed character of the man.

It’s genuinely heart-warming to see and it’s not the only clip which shows another side to Smith away from the professional, authoritative character he was often positioned as.

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Walter Smith Beatles clip shows other side to Rangers legend

That infamous interview with Chick Young, were Walter ridiculed the suggestion Brian Laudrup couldn’t cut it in Europe before posing it to Archie Knox, has also been circulating following his passing.

There’s a touch of bad language, but you’ll be well aware if you’ve seen it before.


Here’s also a heart-warming clip of Walter Smith trying to do a piece to camera for RangersTV and it’s hilarious.

Then there’s clip of Tam Cowan interviewing then Scotland manager Smith alongside Ally McCoist and being quizzed on his love of Brazilians.

All these clips add depth and colour to the man we all love and who gave every single bluenose some of the best moments of their lives.

Rangers legend Smith is a name which sits in the pantheon of Ibrox greats and we’ll leave this story with a testimony from Ally McCoist, which if you’ve not seen yet, paints a well-rounded portrait of a spectacular human being.

Tributes have been pouring in from across football as the beautiful game remembers one of its most influential figures.

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