Rangers-linked businessman criticises post-Champions League business


Rangers-linked businessman criticises post-Champions League business

Former Rangers chairman Dave King has added fuel to the Ibrox board fire as he becomes the latest bluenose to criticise the club’s post-Champions League transfer dealings.

The ex-Gers chairman was speaking after the club’s 4-0 Celtic Park humbling, which came just days after Rangers really failed to deliver in the transfer window after Champions League qualification.

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The outspoken Dave King has now raised questions as to why with no-one currently safe from criticism at Ibrox from the playing squad, to the management, to the boardroom.

King claims he is “extremely surprised” that the club didn’t make moves for quality additions given there should’ve been planning to do so in the event of qualification for the group stages.

Dave King surprised by lack of Rangers business

“It was a big surprise to me,” said Dave King, speaking to the Glasgow Times.

“With Rangers, you always had a plan ‘A’,’B’ and ‘C’.

“Plan A is how you do in Scotland if you don’t get into the group stages of the Europa League.

“Plan B is what happens if you do get in and Plan C is what happens if you reach the group stages of the Champions League.

“Clearly, the club is not going to win the Champions League. You are not going to spend the kind of money needed to win it.

“But you can take away the bonuses gained from reaching the Champions League to strengthen your team so you can win the Scottish Premier League.

“Given where we’ve come from, and given we’ve now got the Champions League money, I am extremely surprised that Douglas hasn’t made that available to Ross to significantly strengthen the team.

“I am surprised the surplus resources the club now has hasn’t found its way back into the team.”

It very much sounds like the South Africa-based businessman is regretting his decision to step down as Ibrox chair with Dave King taking shots at the current incumbents of the club’s boardroom on a regular basis.

The latest echoes the feelings of massively frustrated supporters who’ve been left reeling by a perceived lack of refreshment in the same squad who came up short last season.

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On top of this, the Rangers team has been decimated by injury and there are several new signings and first-team stars who are out of the side with the club giving frustratingly vague timelines regarding their return.

The situation is verging on toxic and if Rangers don’t stablise and find form in the coming weeks we expect the sounds, from Dave King and everyone else, will get much louder.

Could it all have something to do with the fact Rangers have been placed on a special UEFA watchlist alongside the likes of Chelsea and Barcelona?