Rangers fans take plaudits for ‘wowing’ Seville in Europa League trip
Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

Rangers fans take plaudits for ‘wowing’ Seville in Europa League trip

The behaviour of Rangers fans in Seville has been lauded as only one arrest is made on the night of the Europa League Final – an Eintracht Frankfurt supporter.

Heading into the match in Spain Rangers had sent controversial reminders to fans to be on their best behaviour and represent the best of the Ibrox club.

This came after fan troubles at the club’s last two European finals in Barcelona 1972 and Manchester 2008.

But the 100k strong support has done everyone in Glasgow and beyond proud as they represent Rangers on the European stage they way have done all season long, loud and proud.

Journalists are reporting that the Rangers support has been praised by the police, who have been criticised by supporters, with visiting fans being forced to endure trying conditions including being without water in the ground.

Rangers may have lost the match against Eintracht Frankfurt on penalties after a 1-1 draw in Seville but everyone associated with the club can be proud of this monumental run to the Europa League Final.

It wasn’t to be in Seville but Rangers vice-chairman John Bennett insists that the club’s fans have done everyone proud and left an impression on the European game.

Rangers fans have “wowed people in Seville

“Our fans have come here and they have wowed people,” said Bennett [STV].

“They’ve wowed people who have known the club, and wowed people who don’t know the club, perhaps more importantly.

“We’ve had feedback from the police, such feedback from the police, the local authorities of this city and at La Cartuja the stadium and they’ve all said the one thing: ‘Wow’.

“Overwhelmed and overwhelmingly positive by our fans’ atmosphere, our fans’ behaviour and this is for the fans.

“Everybody naturally thinks this oven of heat combined with your drinking and said beer and whatever, which football fans throughout the world do of course, and of course people look ‘Is that a cocktail for something that might go wrong?’

“Boy, oh boy. We brought, our fans brought a cocktail of colour, of noise, of positivity.

“Even the message, a message I’ve had personally from back home, is that people are saying ‘Wow, the press back home are talking about the positives that our fans have brought’. I just want to thank them.

Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

“I respect them so much. They’ve carried this club, you know, the last ten years. They’ve carried this club on their backs. They carry this club on their shoulders. I’m so proud of them.”

Meanwhile, one Rangers star has made history with his monumental contribution in the Europa League this season.