Rangers fans in stitches at meltdown over ex-Celtic pair Ibrox lock-out
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Rangers fans in stitches at meltdown over ex-Celtic pair Ibrox lock-out

Rangers have appeared to deny former Celtic pair Chris Sutton and Neil Lennon press privileges at Ibrox – and many of the Gers supporters could not be happier about it.

The entire thing centres around Rangers reportedly denying the pair access for BT Sport’s coverage of Celtic’s 4-3 defeat to Real Betis ahead of Rangers’ 2-0 loss to Lyon.

Imagine not facilitating a platform for these two stand-up chaps to come on and give you dogs abuse. The ex-Celtic pair might bleat at Rangers but it’s falling on deaf ears. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

What a laugh having those two cheeky so-and-sos in the studio would’ve been had they been given access.

Contrary to the bleating of Sutton on Twitter – and the suggestion Neil Lennon is considering legal advice – both characters haven’t exactly been kind to Rangers over the years.

Well, except for Lennon bottling Terry Munro, but that’s another story.

The notion this has anything to do with anything other than their vexatious and overly critical approach to the club is fantastical but that didn’t stop yer man Sutty playing the sectarianism card whilst also suggesting it was to do with “security concerns”.

Let’s get one thing clear – leveraging sectarianism like this because he’s throwing his toys out the pram says more about Sutton’s intentions than it ever will about Rangers’.

The oxymoronic (emphasis on the moronic) talking down of the Everyone, Anyone campaign has become very much an in vogue party line for those wanting to take a quick jab at Rangers or the club’s media policy.

It’s unbecoming, unhelpful and to be quite honest, inappropriate. The campaign isn’t perfect, but it’s a welcome step forward and should be responsibly viewed as such.

Locking out wido pundits and journalists is not a statement about sectarianism and these commentators – apparent truthseekers and upholders of the realm – need to get a grip with the suggestion otherwise.

Heart & Heard host David Edgar was quick to shut the suggestion down – let’s just say his take was centred around Sutton allegedly defecating from the mouth – and Rangers themselves have responded to the criticism.

“We have complied with all UEFA contractual obligations to facilitate BT as host broadcaster,” say Rangers.

“Any conjecture or speculation is both inaccurate and unhelpful.”

Police Scotland has also said it is “inaccurate” to suggest they had any involvement.

So, what’s the truth? Well, Rangers aren’t facilitating journalists and pundits taking needless and petty potshots at the club. It’s really that simple.

They can do it online, on other forums, on other channels, but they’ll not be doing it with the endorsement of the club.

Needless to say, whilst the usual suspects bleat into the void – and yes, it really is a void to which their echoing screeches are funnelling into eternity with no-one at Ibrox really listening – Gers fans are quite happy.

The result might not have gone our way, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find many bluenoses who disagree with the club’s approach to these two numpties:


It didn’t quite happen for Rangers at Ibrox but the Gers were beaten by a strong Lyon side who are certainly favourites to progress from the group.

The Ibrox club do however face a nervous wait regarding one of the club’s key players after he hobbled off in the defeat.

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