A Scottish Sun report has outlined the potential financial benefits Rangers could receive for progressing to the Europa League proper.

The Gers are currently 4-0 up on aggregate in their first qualifying round tie against St Joseph’s. Therefore, they will be confident of making it through to QR2.

However, the real aim has to be to make it to the group stages of the competition. Just like last season, that will require Gerrard’s men to make it through four qualifying rounds.


The reward if they manage to do so, though, is significant. £2.62 million to be specific.

Gerrard’s side surpassed all expectations during last year’s competition. (Photo by Josef Bollwein/SEPA.Media /Getty Images)

The potential earning doesn’t stop there, either. There’s a chance to scoop extra prize money for individual results.


For example, a win during the group stages will earn the Gers £512,000, while a draw will bring in £170,000.

Naturally, there are further incentives for Gerrard’s men to go one better than last season and make it out of the group. Group stage winners will receive a bonus of £900,000, while runners-up will rake in £450,000.

These are significant sums of cash, even for individual results. With a win over Rapid Vienna and three draws in Group G last time around, the Gers know they can now mix it at this level.

These figures show that if they can make it through the qualifiers and compete once more, it won’t just raise the clubs standing, but help it’s bank balance, too.

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