Premiership boss laughs off “deluded” Celtic fan Rangers conspiracy claims
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Premiership boss laughs off “deluded” Celtic fan Rangers conspiracy claims

It’s not like our friends over at Celtic Park to dream up conspiracies when it comes to Rangers but Livingston boss Davie Martindale has been answering their “deluded” call this week.

The Gers managed to eke out a 2-1 victory away to Livingston at the weekend and a post-match interview from the Lions boss has remarkably spawned a bonkers reaction in Celtic circles.

Referring to James Tavernier as “Tav” and Scott Arfield as “Wee Scotty”, this is apparently evidence that the Livi boss is throwing matches against the Ibrox side.

What is wild is that there will be Celtic fans getting offended at the coverage of this, rather than embarrassed, even though content suggesting this, which we won’t link here, exists in their media circles.

And then there’s this nonsense HERE where Celtic fans are actually branding the Livi boss a “cheat”.

It’s pathetic and any right-minded Parkhead supporter must surely be cringing at this through the gaps in their fingers.

Davie Martindale laughs off Celtic fan Rangers conspiracy claims

Coming from the kings of conspiracy, and from those who gave us such classics as the Rangers coffee or the Masonic referees, this level of rubbish should come as no surprise.

It deserves a monumental level of ridicule and that’s exactly what we’ll give it.

But the fact Davie Martindale has actually had to respond to this rubbish – and having done so via the Battle Fever Rangers fan podcast – is hilarious in of itself.

The Livingston manager, who has overcome worse than a few “deluded” Celtic fans to find success in his career and life, claims that his approach to Rangers is quite the opposite to what the moon howlers might suggest.

It’s just absolutely fantastic that he’s took to a Rangers podcast to do it.

“If anybody disagrees with what I’m saying, they’re deluded. They’re deluded,” said Davie Martindale.

“Rangers beat us last year and we took points off Celtic. Do you seriously think I can go into my changing room and say: ‘Don’t try today lads, I was a Rangers supporter when I was younger’?

“I’ve got six Celtic fans in there. Do you know what I mean? It doesn’t happen. I want to beat Rangers as much as I want to beat Celtic. Saturday, how anybody can… ‘Oh, his demeanour after the game…’

“My pals all send me the stuff. I don’t want to see it, but it is quite funny sometimes. I don’t go on Twitter looking for it but it gets sent to me and I’m like ‘how tight was the game on Saturday?’.

“You still get Celtic fans saying ‘he tries harder against Celtic’. Genuinely, and this is me being honest, probably too honest – I’m choking to take points off Rangers.

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“It was one of my bugbears since we beat Rangers (at home) 1-0 and had a draw, I don’t think we’ve done well against them, I don’t think we have.

“And it’s not from the fact I go into the changing room and tell the boys not to try as hard today because it’s Rangers! I go out there every game no matter who it is, Rangers or Celtic, we want three points. We try our best to take points.”

Don’t worry Davie, you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone, let alone this type of Celtic fan, well, unless you take points off Rangers, then you’ll be hauled up at the next lodge meeting!

Speaking of James Tavernier, Rangers’ captain fantastic is going nowhere if the latest reports are to be believed.

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