Johnstone: Gerrard making big changes to Rangers pre-match routine
Photo by Jeff Holmes/Getty Images

Johnstone: Gerrard making big changes to Rangers pre-match routine

Derek Johnstone has elaborated on some of the changes being made by Steven Gerrard at Rangers, in his Evening Times column. 
We heard last week about multiple planned changes at the training ground [The Scotsman].

Things are being taken up a notch at the training ground. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

A stand for Reserve matches, new state-of-the-art pitches, a dome for youth training and a high wall to stop team information and tactics being leaked.

However, that’s not all that’s changing.
Johnstone explains that Gerrard is also looking to alter pre-match habits.
“At the moment on a match day, the staff and players go to a hotel and have their lunch and then get on the bus to go to Ibrox. It is like being at an away game,” wrote Johnstone, in the Evening Times.

“Now there will be a state-of-the-art area for the players to come in early, have food and relax before they get ready for the game.”
“It has all been well thought out and there are just small changes here and there that will make a big difference to the players and staff and their families on a match day.”
He also claims ‘no stone is being left unturned’ in the efforts to improve football operations.

Gerrard is looking to elevate performance levels at the club. (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP/Getty Images)


It certainly seems like Stevie G is setting about making a lasting mark at Rangers.
There’s a general acceptance that many of the current facilities and routines are outdated. It’s not something a lick of paint will fix either.
Clearly, the club is backing the manager financially to push through upgrades in all areas.
If the Gers can start offering the very best, it may help attract a higher calibre of player. At the very least, it should help the current stock perform to the best of their ability.