Well, we can all be thankful that’s done!

St Johnstone 1 v 2 Rangers

I can’t give a comprehensive review of this game as I was only able to catch parts of it and look at highlights, but from everything I got to see, we looked like we put in one of our best away performances of the season. Both goals were cracking finishes from good cut backs on the right-hand side, Waghorn looked like he had a good game up front stretching their defence, and by all accounts the younger players were comfortable.

We’ll review the season later in the week, and it’s not going to be fun, but I found it interesting that a mere two weeks after saying we need to get the ball wide and get more crosses in, Caixinha said that Sunday’s performance is how we need to play against these sort of sides, and that wasn’t the approach at all. We got the ball down, played through the midfield, and used Barjonas and Holt to control the midfield, which freed up Miller, Toral, and Windass to run at them (all three had good games). We’re being linked with a number of players, and the earlier comments from Pedro suggested we’d keep Garner and look to play to his strengths, but I do wonder if that was just throwaway comments to an extent, and he actually wants us to play more expansive, quicker on the break and far fewer long balls. It’s more probable that we’ll be asked to mix it up, though, and that explains the link to Louis Moult which seems to have some substance.

I can’t say for certain, as I didn’t get to see the full 90 minutes, but I think there was some reasons to be positive from that last game, and no small amount of satisfaction at the performances of Aidan Wilson, Bates, Beerman, and Barjonas. When there’s little to play for, it’s difficult to take much from a game, but we showed a good attitude and should have scored more than two.

Just as a small aside, because it doesn’t deserve any more than that – the nonsense printed and discussed with regards to Caixinha at the end of the game is laughable. Anyone who took anything from that more than just a moment of fun is someone who is trying far too hard to find things to criticise.

Elsewhere in the league, Celtic won 2-0 against Hearts to finish the league season unbeaten. You’d have to imagine they’ll win the cup final as well, and go an entire domestic campaign without a loss. Given their resources and how much they spend on their playing squad and management, they should be miles ahead, but we shouldn’t underestimate just how rare an achievement that is, and how much of a freak season they’ve had in many ways. What it has meant is that we’ve been given a clear indication of the task ahead of us, something I don’t think we had at the start of the season.

Aberdeen skelped Partick Thistle 6-0 at Firhill, which is certainly a confidence-boosting win before the cup final. Thistle have struggled for motivation since finishing in the top six, and Aberdeen are on a good run of late, so you knew they’d win, but the manner of it was embarrassing for the home side. They’ll be looking to repeat the sort of run they had this season to get into the top six next season, but with Hibs coming up and the possibility of Dundee United joining them, the competition at the top half of the table is set to grow, so they’ll certainly need to pick themselves up from a poor run of results straight away.

In the bottom half of the table, Inverness were relegated, and Hamilton face the play-off to try and stay up. This is nigh-on sacrilegious to say as a Rangers fan, but I kinda want Dundee United in the league if it’s a choice between them and Hamilton. We owe them a number of defeats, and they would bring a bigger support and more interest in general with them. Scottish football needs any sort of boost it can get, and whilst that’s all disrespectful to Hamilton, everyone would benefit from the biggest clubs being in the top league and giving us a better negotiating position for future TV rights.

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