Let’s have a brief look at some significant statistics from the season, and consider where we need to improve the most and what (if anything) went well.
33 – The number of players we used over the course of the season. Of those, 6 were given debuts by Caixinha. We had 17 different goalscorers.
16 – Amount of goals scored by our top scorer for the season, Martyn Waghorn. Only 7 of those goals came in the league, however, and Kenny Miller finished top scorer in the league with 11. That’s an area we badly need to improve in, and quickly.
9 – the number of defeats we suffered in the league. Also the number of points we finished behind Aberdeen, despite losing one game fewer over the course of the season.
10 – draws over the campaign. The last time we won the league, we had only 3 draws and 5 defeats, so there’s a lot of work to be done to get to that level again.
3 – home defeats. The exact same number as the last time we won the SPL (2010/11), but the draws home and away and defeats away from home left us miles behind.
67 – how many points we finished on. Of those, we gained 33 against the top six sides, and 34 against the bottom six.
39 – points behind Celtic. They had a freak season, but the gap is huge.
3 – various stats apply here (number of goals Toral, Wallace and Kranjcar scored, the number of bookings Senderos got, the number of managers over the season), but by far the most damning was that this was the number of draws we had against Ross County.
4 – the longest run of wins in the league. Which we achieved once. Also the number of red cards we had over the season, and the number of games in which we scored more than 2 goals in the league.
8 – the shirt number Joey Barton was given. Also the number of appearances he made for us, which matched Beerman and Bates. It was also the number of weeks it took from his suspension to his release. A ludicrous affair all round.
the 7 – highest number of appearances in the season for us, from Kenny Miller. McKay was one behind on 46. Given Miller’s age, and the fact we’d have been looking for him to play less of a role this season, that’s a telling statistic.
0 – again, loads this could relate to, and it was the amount of goals O’Halloran scored this season. This is a player who many fans felt should be given more chances or starts, but done nothing to justify it. Really can’t see him ever playing for us again.
2.5m – the reported amount that was spent on the squad in transfers. No indication of any fees for loan players.
2 – goals scored by Tavernier. After a great season that way beforehand, he’ll be looking to get back to better form going forward if he’s retained.
634 – approximate amount of times Chris Sutton believed Harry Forrester should have been sent off.
44 – the age of both Daniel Prodan and Ugo Ehiogu when they died of heart attacks. Ridiculously young for such a thing to happen.
86 – overall amount of goals scored, with 56 of those in the league which is our lowest total in years.
6 – games against Celtic, with only 1 draw to show from them. We barely even deserved that.
1 – bookings Kenny Miller and Barrie McKay picked up. Given their number of appearances, that’s a cracking record. It was also the amount of times I tried to find Jason Holt in those infamous pictures via Twitter before giving up.
7-10 – days everything seemed to take or be away.
And last but certainly not least – 48,893, our average attendance over the course of the season which is a phenomenal number given everything that’s gone on.
Not enough goals, not enough money spent on the squad given our situation, but a cracking amount of support and a load of younger players who could yet thrive if quality is brought in next to them. The numbers haven’t been great, but we’ve got stuff to be proud of.