On Thursday, Club 1872 issued a share drive in an attempt to raise 1 million pounds worth of shares, the goal to provide the club with additional cash, also allowing a portion of the loans from a number of directors to be converted into equity. In turn, strengthening Club 1872’s position by raising their current 10.71 shareholdings in the club.

So far the share issue drive has been met with a mixed bag of response, I think it’s fair to say, with many supporters torn on whether or not to either invest or invest even further into the members’ scheme.

I urge to all, that change can only come from within. So in a world where we are freely asked to stump up with our money to provide additional content in service’s as far-reaching from film to music (Netflix & Spotify) as some examples, is it really too much to ask to give a monthly contribution to a cause we all care so much about, the long-term future of Rangers Football Club?

I am a member of Club 1872 and my reasons for investing are simple, I do not wish my son, or any other future generations of our fan base to be forced to endure what we as a support did back in 2012, that is simply non-negotiable on my part, this will always form my starting point for any decision I take.

History has a funny way of repeating itself, the hard lessons learned from the past are sometimes all to easily forgotten in the future.

Club 1872, can act as this check on the past, but only with the continued support of the members.

I completely agree that questions must still be asked of the short, medium and long-term aims and visions for Club 1872 and just how the plans will be implicated within the timescales. However, I have no question at all that the board members who are in place currently, all have the club’s best interests at heart, of that there is no doubt at all in my mind.

Any form of business or institution such as Club 1872 is always going to have difficulty pleasing everyone, it is quite simply not possible to meet and exceed every single members’ expectation level, we all want what’s best in our own minds and want it instantly.

Many people have also highlighted in-house conflicts at Club 1872 and used that as a stick to bash it with, let me tell you this from personal experience conflict can and does work, as long as all involved sole interests are for the greater good of the cause. I firmly believe this to be the case with all parties pulling in the one direction.

What Club 1872 offers is unique, it serves as a reminder to the Rangers Board that the fans do have a voice and must be listened to, whilst also serving as a check for accountability to all involved at every level. The more shares Club 1872 can purchase, the louder the voice. If somebody won’t listen to you, shout louder. I believe in the near future Club 1872 will possess a member on the Rangers Board, it is merely a question of when and not if, all this despite the negativity and sometimes anger directed at them. That is a long way to come in such a short space of time, to think of just how far things have progressed in the last couple of years is truly remarkable and one that should never be too far from our memories.

Someone famous once said “it’s not what your country can do for you, it’s what you can do for your country”.

Well, I say maybe it’s time we all thought “it’s not what Club 1872 can do for you, but what you can do for Club 1872”.

Let me know your views.

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