It matters more than anything, and Gerrard has to stop it as soon as possible
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Steven Gerrard simply has to stop 10-in-a-row

It means more to Rangers fans than anything else, and it simply must be done – stopping 10-in-a-row.

The phrase is enough to send a shiver down the spine of each and every Rangers fan. Therefore, it’s exactly what Steven Gerrard has to avoid at all costs.

There could be a debate over whether Gerrard will even still be here if Celtic have an opportunity for 10. In my opinion, he 100% will, so long as England don’t nab him first.

Rangers fans are quite right to have their eyes on challenging for honours this season. A lot of money has been spent on assembling their squad, and there’s more resilience to them this season than previous years.

Steven Gerrard and Brendan Rodgers are set for war in Glasgow (Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Yet, the 1-0 defeat at Celtic Park leaves a haunting thought that Brendan Rodgers’ side are still further ahead than many thought. The nature of the defeat was so demoralising for the Gers support, and started talk about a long-term project.

This remains a new side being built by the Liverpool icon. It will take time, and Gerrard must be afforded that to get his ideas across. What can’t now be done is a massive over-reaction because of one Old Firm defeat.

Even if he suffers two or three, Gerrard simply must be given the time. So long as improvement is made, Rangers fans can be satisfied. Nobody can deny that this has already been the case.

Europa League qualification is in the bag, and Rangers looked impressive against Aberdeen, Kilmarnock, and St Mirren respectively.

Stopping 10 is paramount

At the same time, however, stopping 10-in-a-row as soon as possible is paramount. Stopping it this season would be legendary, stopping it next season would be heroic, but stopping it in two years’ time is essential.

The fact is, 10 consecutive league titles isn’t just 10 consecutive league titles – it symbolises so much more. Both sides have claim to an incredible nine consecutive championships in different eras. Having 10 has never been done before, and Rangers must make sure that remains the case in several years’ time.

Walter Smith was a huge part of Rangers’ nine-in-a-row charge (Julian Finney/Getty Images)

It’s the one thing Gerrard has been brought up north to do. Getting into Europe is great. Breaking the frustrating trend of finishing behind Aberdeen is nice. The main goal, however, is making sure Celtic don’t get that 10.

It doesn’t matter if it’s this season, next, or the one after. The main aspect is that it just has to be done.

It won’t matter how many Scottish Cups, Betfred Cups, or European Qualifications he achieves. If Celtic take the Premiership crown for the next three years, Gerrard is finished.

Rangers fans will point to the fact they’re the most successful club in the world. 10 consecutive league titles won’t ever change that. But there’s something unique about the achievement that would make Gers supporters sick to their stomach.

Squad improvement and a slow build is great, and Rangers are well on the right path under the new man. But all that matters, and all that will ever matter, is that he stops 10.

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