Rangers fans thought they had been given a treat from the club when season ticket renewals appeared on the official website with 30% off last season’s price – but they were left disappointed when it was confirmed that it was only part of a ‘test’ being done on the site.

Fans rushed to snap up renewed season tickets despite not having been inside Ibrox in over a year as they looked to snap up seats to see Steven Gerrard’s campions next season.

However, SLO Greg Marshall was quick to confirm that it was only a test as fans took to Twitter to question the seemingly low-key  launch.

With some fans saving sizeable sums on last season, there were plenty who were delighted with tht appeared to be a huge gesture from Rangers to reward the loyalty of supporters who paid for a season ticket last year but have had to watch from home.

While fans were disappointed that it was only a test, they weren’t too fussed over what is a fairly minor error – with some seeing the funny side.

However, the response from Greg Marshall left some fans angry when he said fans had “caused the admin team work” by purchasing the tickets through the live ticket sales page on the website.

Here are some of the comments from disappointed Rangers fans on Twitter:

Although the response from SLO Greg Marshall didn’t seem to go down particularly well after fans discovered it was only a test:


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