TalkSport pundit Jamie O’Hara has been talking about the Old Firm’s chances in England again and, unsurprisingly, the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant is being slaughtered by Rangers fans for his ridiculous views.

O’Hara, famous for marrying former Miss England model Danielle Lloyd, thinks Rangers and Celtic would “struggle to stay in the Premier League” before laughably claiming Fulham would win the Scottish Premiership.

The former Mr. Lloyd thinks Steven Gerrard has done a “brilliant job” at Ibrox, but doesn’t think Rangers are any better than the likes of West Brom or Sheffield United.

“Yeah, I think he (Gerrard) has done a brilliant job. He’s done a fantastic job, I’ve watched him obviously this season because that statement I came out with highlighted it,” O’Hara said [TalkSPORT]

“So I thought, I best get on with Scottish football. Celtic have not been great at all with the way they’ve been playing.

“In terms of the quality, I don’t think it’s anywhere near the Premier League. I think both teams would struggle to stay in the Premier League, they’d find it tough.

“Would they survive over the course of a season, are they better than West Brom, Sheffield United and Fulham? I don’t know.

“I think Fulham would win the league in Scotland. I look at it, I played with (Moussa) Dembele, who left Fulham and went to Celtic. He was good at Fulham, he was decent, scored some goals.

“He went to Celtic and he was unbelievable. I look at at that and I look at the standards…”

Rangers fans weren’t having the views of Callum Best and Bianca Gascoigne’s former Big Brother housemate – and were quick to rubbish his claims, with one fan saying it was “mad” that O’Hara is “always talking about Rangers and Celtic struggling to stay in the Premier League when he himself struggled to stay in the Premier League.”

Here are some of the comments from Rangers fans on Twitter:

O’Hara clearly knows his stuff, with a team of leading football analysts ranking the Gers impressively in their latest Euro Club Index.

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